Say No To Pests

If you have moved into a new place you want to make sure you take a good look around to make sure you don't see any signs of pest infestations. Look in cupboards and drawers for signs of bugs and/or their droppings, check along baseboards and windowsills for these same things. Check in the attic and closets for signs of rodent nests or their droppings. If you find issues, get pest control out to get rid of problems before moving your things in. [Read More]

Considering Your Options: Common Tradeoffs In Your Apartment Search

You may have seen episodes of the television show, House Hunters, where an individual, couple or family looks at homes and apartments that will suit their needs. Many viewers smile at the house-hunters' naivete, as they often want granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors and a downtown location for a very modest budget. As each episode unfolds, the seekers begin to realize that in real estate, tradeoffs are common. Here are some of the tradeoffs you might have to make when searching for your apartment, along with tips on how to decide which concessions and compromises make sense. [Read More]

4 Steps To Building Better Community In Your Apartment Complex

A great apartment is not only defined by its floor space and south-facing windows. Besides the physical amenities available to you, social amenities that create a sense of community are also important. Usually, it falls on the apartment manager to organize various community projects that are meant to help you get to know your neighbors and feel safe in your apartment. While these are great to have, they can sometimes be formal and formulaic, which leads to little community investment. [Read More]

Six Reasons To Consider Renting A Luxury Apartment

While the cost of renting a luxury apartment may seem extravagant, there are several reasons why you might want to consider this option versus renting or owning a house. If you want to pamper yourself with amenities, and you won't be in the area for a long period of time, a luxury apartment rental may be the ideal solution. In addition to higher security, consider services such as on-site fitness facility and spa, upgraded units, doorman and private parking. [Read More]