3 Ways A Locksmith Can Improve The Security Of Your Home

Whether you live in a shady neighborhood or have neighbors that are recent victims of a home burglary, you have the same fear: an unseen intruder. Instead of continuing to live in fear every night, hire a locksmith to improve your home's security. Here are three of the ways a locksmith can allow you to rest assured at night knowing you'll wake up without missing any valuable possessions:

Security Audit

The most basic service a locksmith can provide you is a security audit. A security audit consists of a consultation about your security concerns and a walkthrough of your home and property. During this inspection, your locksmith will inspect various areas of your home that appear to be suitable entry points for a potential burglar.

Although a security audit sounds like a job you can do by yourself, it's not—to properly perform a security audit, you must have years of experience dealing with home security. Without the experienced eyes of a locksmith or security consultant, you're likely to gloss over at least a few of the weak points throughout your home, and it only takes one penetrable entry point for a burglar to wreak thousands of dollars worth of damage in theft or vandalism.

For example, you may feel safe at night after shutting your sturdy, metal door and locking your high-security deadbolt. However, your door may have exposed hinges—which can easily be broken off by an experienced criminal. Among other larger and less obvious issues, exposed door hinges are a clear hazard when it comes to home security.

Once weak areas of your home and property are identified, your locksmith can inform you of security devices or components that will further secure your home. For example, window bars on low basement windows or increased lighting in your backyard can serve as additional deterrents to a potential burglar.

Lock Rekeying

Unless you designed and built your home by yourself, chances are there's a previous owner of your home out there who still owns copies of the keys used throughout your home. Even if the previous owners of your home seemed like good people, you shouldn't leave a security breach of this measure to chance. With the right keys, a previous owner can return to your home as a burglar capable of getting into every nook and cranny of your home.

However, you can render all existing keys to your home useless by having your locks rekeyed. Rekeying is the process of replacing a lock cylinder's tumblers and springs. When the tumblers and springs inside a lock's cylinder no longer correspond to the original key, all keys that previously granted access to the lock will become completely useless.

Rekeying a lock is an extremely tedious task. Although many local home improvement stores sell rekeying kits, it's best to leave the task of dismantling and replacing your lock cylinders to an experienced professional. If you attempt to rekey your home locks by yourself, you can easily cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage and render your locks useless.

Security System Installation

Although fortifying the weak points throughout your home and installing burglar deterrents are necessary steps when it comes to improving your home security, you must not let your fortifications and deterrents give you a false sense of security. A crafty and experienced burglar can track your family's routines and find opportune moments to breach your home.

To ensure your home is properly monitored even while you and your family members are out at work or school, your locksmith can install a residential security system. Security systems installed by locksmiths typically include closed-circuit cameras and access control devices—which typically take the form of programmable locks, key cards, and other forms of multiple verification security measures.

Don't wait another day to arrange for a consultation with your professional locksmith. By doing so, you'll only increase the window of opportunity for a potential burglar to rob you of your valuable possessions.