5 Psychological Needs Your Apartment Should Fufill

There are many factors that go into choosing an apartment from the renters guide, but once you get past the price and location of the unit you are looking at you need to ask yourself whether you would be emotionally comfortable in your new space. Although individuals have different preferences based on their personality, everyone has basic psychological needs that should be fulfilled by their living space. Defining your personal preferences in relation to each of these five needs will help you identify the perfect apartment for you.


Privacy is your ability to get away from the demands of society and relax as yourself. When it comes to an apartment, most people are mainly concerned with aural privacy and visual privacy. Aural privacy can only be achieved by well-insulated buildings or large amounts of space. You should not depend on having quiet neighbors to ensure aural privacy, as your neighbors may change over the years.

Although visual privacy can be achieved by putting up thick curtains, you should keep in mind that a view of natural elements is also important to your psychological satisfaction and well-being, so you do not want an apartment where you will have to keep the curtains drawn a majority of the time. 


An apartment should provide your own space without a sense of being crowded. This is especially important if you will be sharing your apartment with roommates or if you have a family. Space goes beyond keeping your apartment free of clutter and having adequate square footage. It also means that you should have enough partitions within your home to offer individual privacy and designated places for socializing. 

It has been found that when children are not given access to private spaces in their homes, they can have psychological issues including a difficulty controlling impulses and greater anxiety than their counterparts with greater access to private spaces. Crowding can even also be felt if you are forced to pass through shared public spaces on the way to your apartment, even if you have adequate space in your apartment. 

Safety and Security 

An apartment should be a place where you feel like you can relax, so safety and security should be your top priority. Even if your apartment is not in the best neighborhood, there are ways you can make it feel more secure, such as adding a bar lock to your door or making sure there are bars on your windows if you live on the first floor. 

If your apartment is physically secure but you still do not feel safe, you may want to consider feng shui arrangements to reduce fear, such as positioning key furniture in the power position of each room. 

Stability and Independence 

Stability comes from the feeling that you will be happy in your apartment for a long time. A year-long lease and a positive relationship with your landlord can add to your feelings of stability. Knowing that your landlord will fix problems quickly and without argument also gives you a sense of stability. 

Independence is derived from feeling like you can afford your apartment without stress each month when rent comes due. 

Communication of Your Identity

A home is also a way for you to communicate your internal beliefs and values with those around you. In order to do this efficiently, you need to be able to make decorative changes to your apartment, such as painting or hanging pictures, and have a semi-public space, such as a living room, where you can host guests. Additionally, you should live in a place where you do not feel shame or embarrassment regarding the outside of your building. 

Once you have made a list of the important aspects of each of these psychological needs, you will have a much better idea of what type of apartment you should be looking for.