Six Reasons To Consider Renting A Luxury Apartment

While the cost of renting a luxury apartment may seem extravagant, there are several reasons why you might want to consider this option versus renting or owning a house. If you want to pamper yourself with amenities, and you won't be in the area for a long period of time, a luxury apartment rental may be the ideal solution. In addition to higher security, consider services such as on-site fitness facility and spa, upgraded units, doorman and private parking.

While you're mulling it over, here are the top six advantages of renting a luxury apartment:

1. High Level of Security

Many luxury apartments offer added security that the lower-cost rentals are often lacking. This may include security gates and pass-code entry. Some of the upscale rentals also include a security guard on the premises, as well as a doorman.

In addition, your luxury apartment may include a video monitoring system outside and inside. If you were to pay for these advantages out-of-pocket, the cost could add up considerably. All of these factors may be worth considering for an elderly resident or someone who lives alone.

2. The Use of a Fitness Center, Spa and Swimming Pool Included in the Rent Belonging to a swimming club or fitness facility with spa can be costly. Many luxury apartments include these amenities without additional cost to tenants. If you're interested in mingling with your neighbors, you might also enjoy the "pool parties" that are offered during summer holidays. Plus, having the use of a swimming pool without the necessary maintenance work of owning own, is another advantage.

Also, having the exercise room on the premises is very convenient, as you won't have to travel to get there. On top of that, there is no commitment involved with requirement of signing a contract.

3. Upgraded Units

Non-luxury apartment rentals may not always have modern appliances or upgraded offerings. Most luxury apartments will include upgraded and top-of-the-line microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers and washer and dryer. Many will be rated for energy efficiency. Having a washer and dryer inside your apartment is more convenient than having to use a public laundry room.

Other upgrades for a luxury apartment may be wood plank flooring, private balcony or screened-in porch and fireplace. Bathrooms may be upgraded as well, including vanities, shelving and shower stalls. Marble kitchen counter tops are another upgrade that may be included. Not only does this offer nice aesthetics to your kitchen, but marble counters will be resistant to burns and scratches.

4. Assigned Parking

Have you ever rented an apartment and experienced the hassle of finding a parking spot when returning home from work? Many luxury apartments have resolved this issue with private parking, also known as reserved or assigned parking. This means parking spaces will be marked with each unit number and reserved for the designated resident. Typically, there will be visitor parking spaces as well.

5. Spacious Floor Plans

While many apartments offer one and two bedroom choices, luxury rentals at places like The Heathview often include the option of three or more bedroom units. This may be more suitable for those with larger families or children. In addition, rooms may be considerably larger with more closet space.

You may also like the extra storage. You may find a pantry storage closet in the kitchen. Some luxury rentals include storage rooms, either inside or on the front porch area. This is convenient for storing bicycles, toys and other household items.

6. High Ceilings

You may wonder why it's advantageous to rent an apartment with a nine-foot ceiling. For one thing, tall ceilings tend to make an apartment seem more spacious. It also allows more height for heat to expand, which could make the unit cooler during the summer and warmer during winter. In essence, the feature of a high ceiling may reduce your utility bills.

Keep all these factors in mind when apartment hunting. Whether you search by rental cost, number of bedrooms, amenities or location, your options are many. Plan in advance, as renting a more desirable unit may require being placed on a waiting list.