How To Inspect A House Yourself When Shopping For A Home To Buy

Hiring a professional inspection firm to complete a home inspection is always a good idea when buying a house, but this does not mean that you cannot complete a do-it-yourself inspection first. Completing an inspection on your own prior to putting in an offer is always a smart move for anyone who is buying a single-family home, and if you would like to do this, here are some of the best ways to inspect a house yourself.

Start with the exterior of the home

A good place to start with a do-it-yourself inspection is the exterior of a house. While you might be tempted to get up on the roof during this, you should realize that this is a dangerous thing to do, and you can often see plenty just from standing on the ground looking. Therefore, you should start by trying to get a good look at the roof and the chimney if there is one. Look for signs of wear and tear and missing parts. If you do not see any damage or missing parts, the roof and chimney might both be in good condition.

Other parts of the exterior to check include the gutters, siding, windows, foundation, and slope of the yard.

Test the systems

Next, you can go inside the house and begin inspecting the systems. The first to check is the plumbing system. To check this, run water in all sinks and fixtures. Test the water temperature and the pressure from each fixture. Look at the condition of the fixtures to look for signs of stains or worn-out fixtures. You can also check the water heater to see the age and condition.

After that, you should check the electrical system, and you could start by examining the electrical panel. Is it labeled? Is it updated? Does it appear to be in good-working condition? Next, you should look at all light switches, outlets, and fixtures to make sure they are all working properly and that there are enough outlets in the home.

Finish up with the following interior features

You should also check other parts of the interior of the home, including testing all the windows and doors to make sure they open and close as they should. You could look for signs of water damage around the house too, and you should inspect the walls and any other parts of the home that you can see.

Spending some time evaluating the things listed here can help you determine if the house you are viewing is one that might be right for you. You should always follow up with a professional home inspection after putting in your offer, simply to ensure that the house really is in the condition you think it is in. Talk to your real estate agent to learn more about home inspections and the home-buying process.